Will Mole Removal Near Lip Cause It to Pucker and Scar?

my daughter is 13 year old daughter is going to have a mole removed tomorrow, it is between her nose and lip and the size of a pencil eraser. will it pucker her lip and leave a scar?

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Mole Removal of Upper Lip

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The appearance of the scar will depend on the genetic makeup of the patient, the location of the lesion, the manner in which the more is removed (cut VS burned or frozen off) and the skill and judgment of the surgeon removing the mole.

When operating on the upper lip it is important to orient incisions vertically within the skin's wrinkle lines AND to preserve the white line and vermilion of the lip, Cupid's bow and the philtral columns. I hope the lesion is removed by a Plastic surgeon.  Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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