I wish to get surgery to get my breasts lifted & I have my nipples pierced. Any suggestions?

so I'm only coming up to the age of 18 & my breasts gave changed size a lot in the past year & I am not happy with them anymore they have started to sag a lot! so I was hoping to get my breasts lifted & I heard that they also make the areolas smaller at the same time so I was wondering firstly if this was true & if so will I have to take my nipple bars out (they're plastic ) Thank you.

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Breast lift and pierced nipples.

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Thank you for the question.  Getting a breast lift would literally lift your nipples to a higher position in your breasts and at the same time reduce the areolas.  And yes, you will have to take your nipple bars out for surgery.  It would be best to visit a local board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi.

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I wish to get surgery to get my breasts lifted & I have my nipples pierced. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question. If you don’t have too much sagged breasts and your skin is still firm then you can get benefit from incisionless breast lifting with Spider Web Aesthetics. In this method we place absorbable sutures inside the skin of the breasts. These absorbable sutures helps the skin tissue to produce collagen in time therefore breasts get their firmness and elasticity back again. This method can be combined with fat transfer in order to support the bottom of the breast to create a lifting effect. By combining these two methods you can get firmer and natural breasts without any incision or skin removal.  However if the sagging is too much you have to receive a surgical intervention which includes skin removal. For a better understanding it is better to have a physical examination. Our doctors are available for free online consultation.

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Breast lift

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Yes, during a breast lift, your nipples are resized to fit your new, lifted breasts. And yes, you would need to take out your nipple bars for surgery. I would suggest that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area (link below) to discuss your options. Best, Dr. Nazarian

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Breast lift snd smaller areola

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Hi. It sounds like you need a mastopexy (breast lift). This can commonly be done through a minimal scar 'lollipop' incision. The size of the areola is reduced if needed. It is best to remove the piercings as they cause the infection risk to be higher but they can be put back in after the procedure. Regards

Breast Lift

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HI & thank you for your question.

You can have your areolas made smaller at the  time of  your breast lift surgery. Typically, all piercings should be removed before surgery. Check with your surgeon for his/her requirements regarding this. Best of luck!

Breast augmentation and lift with nipple piercing

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Thank you for your question. You can reduce the size of your nipples during a breast lift it is possible. Also, you will have to remove your piercing for the procedure. You can put  your nipple bar back in after you have healed. Make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Best regards

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True and true

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It is possible to resize your areolas at the time of breast reduction so you are correct there. As for taking out your piercings, its much more driven center by center in the states. Nearly all will want metal piercings out. For plastic piercings like yours we will often tape them if the patient is concerned that they will have trouble putting them back in after surgery.

Robert Frank, MD
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