Darkness after Fraxel Restore Dual. When will my skin get lighter as before?

I'm an Indian (Asia) with brown-skin on the face. After fraxel, my skin got dark. I'm doing everything possible (sunscreen etc), however it's not dwindling much. I'm given Lytera, have seen some improvement but nothing drastic. I'm 4 wks into this treatment. Original issue was uneven skin tone due to pigmentation from sun (dark at the chin area & places where hats didn't protect me from sun). When will my skin get lighter as before? Thanks!

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Fraxel for Pigmentation and Dark Skin

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Fraxel Dual is a great laser for pigmentation secondary to sun damage.  However, I generally prefer chemical peels and Ematrix for patients with type IV or V skin and do not use the Fraxel Laser.  I would get a consultation from a board certified dermatologist with experience in all skin types and lasers for the best cosmetic result.

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