Darker Skin After Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel?

Hello, I am a very dark skin african american female. I have gotten 3 chemical peels before with Retin a added and it was a success I recently had microdermabrasion done and a chemical peel done after that in the same day, a week later my cheeks, neck and forehead are darker than they ever been.How can I treat this and also how long will it take for my skin to recover? Thank you!

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Darkening after microdermabraision and peel

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Kimmie,  One has to be very careful with dark as as any inflammation can cause hyper -pigmentation. I doubt that the microderm. would have caused this but maybe having a peel right after it could have led to too much inflammation for your skin. You might be more sensitive to this than usual. If a dermatologist treated you, go back to them and they will get you on a topical medication to fade the pigmentation. If you do not have a dermatologist I would see one as I don't think that this should be handled by an aesthetician

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