Dark Spot in my Face After Treatment For Freckles?

I had a dark spot in my face after having some treatment for a tiny freekles....I'd use IPL and laser under the recommendation of my doctor....the dark spot getting more worse....I used also hydroquin cream...and wearing sunscreen 50 all the time. My doctor suggest me the micro-fractionnel laser resurfacing...I'm so afraid for getting them worst... any suggestion ??? I learned about Mixto laser restore and repair any help

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IPL and Dark Spots

 IPL is primarily used to even out skin tone for individuals with fair to medium skin tone.  On very rare occasions, the light from the IPL may actually stimulate the areas that are dark to become darker.  Generally further IPL treatments and/or topical products will lighten the dark area. Mixto Laser is wonderful option, again depending on your skin type, because it resurfaces the skin unlike topical products or superficial treatments. Depending on the cause of the pigmentation, the color of your skin and the amount of time the pigment has been present, will determine the best treatment plan for you. 

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