Dark Scar After I Removed the the Third and Fourth Nipple?

I had 2 extra nipples under the oreginal once and i got them removed by surgery now after 4 months the scar looks dark and I use kelo-cote for scars but idk If they will stay like this dark and so obvious :( if they stay like this what should I do ? how long should I wait ? Is this normal will eventually go ?

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Scars are permanent.

Mahmood, I'm sorry to tell you that dark scars can be expected to lighten somewhat as they soften and mature, but not always. They tend to darken more in dark-skinned races, and any ultraviolet exposure worsens the problem. Some hyperpigmentation may be permanent, and the scars are always permanent. At 4 months, your scars are not yet fully mature (that takes 6-12 months or longer in a few cases), so there is still hope.

Kelo-cote is fine to help scars as they mature, as is any high-SPF sunscreen. Silicone scar pads may help to flatten and soften scars, but color change is less likely. 4% hydroquinone therapy (prescribed by your doctor) may help lighten the scars, and some laser therapies may also provide additional improvement (though usually minimal).

Once your scars have matured, there is little else to be achieved (other than re-excision and starting over). Good luck and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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