What Are These Dark Marks After Juvederm? (photo)

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Pigment results from Melanocyte stimulation!

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Juvederm is, of course, injected with a small needle.  When a needle passes through the skin this trauma may cause a little bruising.  With or without bruising, the defense mechanisms trigger melanocyte stimulation and increased pigment production.   This can be easily understood just as a suntan is understood.  When sun hits the human body it effects  UV injury that then stimulates the meloaocytes to produce pigment called a suntan.  A suntan has far more fundamental purpose than just looking good.  The pigment protects from further sun.   This is what you are experiencing.  It will go away but can take months.  Use  sunscreen 100% of the time.  Remember on future treatments always use sunscreen on the area.  And remember, if an area is a little bruised and dark, it soaks up much more UV radiation and the result is a multiplication of the melanocyte stimulation meaning ever more pigment.  Use sunscreen.  There is no other course of action.  My Best,  Dr C

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