Dark Line on Veneers

Why do I have dark line between my veneers 2 years after I had them done?

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Slight leakage perhaps

There are a few possibilities. If the edges leaked at the time of seating, there may be bacteria underneath that is now visible. Perhaps the gums have receded recently to reveal this situation? Were the teeth given root canals previously, giving dark roos that arenow visible?

It is best to seek help from your treating dentist...

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Line in your veneers possibly the line of cement

It is possible that the line you are seeing is the interface where the tooth and the veneer meet.

There are many contributing factors that could cause this. Some include:

  • Improper preparation of the teeth so that this interface is visual to the eye.
  • The cement line is excessively thick due to poor fit of the veneer.
  • The cement could have taken up stain.

Any single factor or combination of the factors could cause a possible line.

Ryan Sellinger, DMD
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