Treatment Options For Dark Circles Under the Eye for a 20 Year Old? (photo)

Hi my name is Nick im 20 years old, and ive never had bags or Dark circles until 2 weeks ago. Idk how i got it, i sometimes do get Depressed, but i dont think thats the reason. I went to an Eye doctor and she said i have Hollow eyes- she said that Shadows fall into the groove, causing the appearance of dark circles under the eye. So should i get Restylane Injection Filler to fix my problem or a Bleaching cream to lighten the dark/brownish bag under my eyes? thanks.

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Young adult with dark circles under the eyes

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Topical products such as Skinmedica dermal repair for eyes can be of benefit.  This particular product has Boron in it and helps to reflect the light making the appearance of the dark circles less.  Also products such as this and Retin-A help to thicken the epidermis. Circles under the eyes appear dark because the skin is thin and there are many blood vessels and muscle directly under the skin.  Some patients will benefit from microablative CO2 laser treatment to tighten the skin and  soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm to fill in hollows.

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Dark circles under eyes

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There are many causes of Dark Circles. Skin pigmentation, hollowness, blue veins around eyes, and translucent skin. With your dark complexion, there may be some hyperpigmentation as well as some hollowness. Your surgeon would have to make that decision. Sometime I have used both fillers such as Juvederm and specialized bleaching creams to get the best results.


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Fillers for Hollow Eyes Causing Dark Circles

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As you are still a young male with dark circles and hollowing beneath eyes, these problems are not age related or mood related but rather are related to genetics and facial structure. Sufficient sleep can sometimes help with a less tired appearance. Fillers, such as Restylane, under the eyes has become very popular to help with hollow areas under the eyes. In my practice, we use a combination approach with modalities such as injectables, PRP and other techniques to move attention away from the hollow under eye area and restore the color to the skin. I have attached a video for a similar question regarding hollow eyes and dark circles. Consult with your doctor for proper treatment.

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