Dark Circles Sunken Eyes - Are fillers a viable option?

im in my early 20s and i have had dark circles, and sunken eyes for a really long time. would fillers benefit me. i want to start a career looking my best as well feeling it. what treatments are good for pigmentation.

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Several great options for pigmentation and under-eye hollows

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Hi James,

It is difficult to offer any advice without any photos or seeing you for an evaluation. I would recommend a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area who can evaluate your skin type and tell you which treatments would suit your skin. There are some prescription-strength creams and great laser options for pigmentation, but they are only safe in certain skin types, so it is important that whoever you go to evaluates your skin properly and recommends a suitable treatment. Sometimes what is perceived as under-eye pigmentation is really the dark orbicularis oculi muscle being visible through the translucent skin of the under-eye area. In this case, a laser or cream would not help.

Often, fillers can be a good option for some, but not all, people with under-eye hollows. Again, this is why a consultation would be beneficial to make sure that your facial anatomy would lend itself to improvement with filler.I hope this helps.



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