Dark Circles Under Eyes, What Procedure Do You Recommend?

i have very dark circles under my eyes , very noticeable in pictures. watched a procedure on the doctors, where they filled under the eyes at certain injection points under the eyes. do they offer this procedure in canada?

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Dark Circles Under Eyes, What Procedure Do You Recommend?

You would benefit from injecting Restylane to the tear troughs, this HA filler is very smooth to be used for thin skin around the eyes, this will also help lighten the dark area if the shadow is created by hollowness. Seek a reputable injector to ensure a result you wish to achieve.

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Restylane for Dark Circles

Thank you for your question. This is a great question about a great technique. Carefully placed injections of fillers (in my practice, I use Restylane in this area) around the upper cheek and lower eyelid can dramatically decrease the appearance of dark circles. This treatment may also fill in the hollow areas sometimes called "tear troughs." Though I don't practice in Canada, I'm sure that you can find a qualified expert to perform this treatment for you.

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Dark circles and treatment

Without first viewing photo's of the areas you are referring to, it is very difficult to answer your question. You should consider posting pictures of your areas of concern.

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Treating dark circles under the eyes

There are numerous causes for dark circles under the eyes.  While lack of sleep is certainly one of them, other common causes include pigmentation irregularities, sun exposure, visible blood vessels, stress, allergies, atopic dermatitis, pseudoherniation (outpouching) of fat from the eyelid, and heredity, to name a few. Fat can cause the appearance of dark circles, which can be corrected by fat repositioning blepharoplasty.  As individuals age, skin tends to thin and the normal fat pads in the eyelids herniate from their normal positions and become more prominent.  This prominence can appear as bags under the eyes, and the shadow they cast appear as dark circles, while the thinner skin causes blood vessels to be more noticeable, contributing further to the dark hue.  Some pigment can be treated with laser and/or bleaching creams.  However, if it is too deep the treatment will not be effective.  Surgery can not correct dark circles due to every cause, but it will correct dark circles that are due to the aging process.  They can also be caused by hollowness, where fillers would help. The best treatment option depends on your individual circumstances, and an exam would really be necessary to provide you with advice. I would recommend a consultation with an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Thank you for the question, and I hope this helps.

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