I've Had Dark Circles As Long As I Can Remember is There Anyway I Can Fix It or Make It Less? (photo)

I'm only sixteen years old and I have awful black circles. I've had it all my life but Its been getting worse and very noticeable. It runs in the family but I have it worse.

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Dark Circles

I use a combination of creams like the other good docs but also would add some filler just to change the way light reflects

I've Had Dark Circles As Long As I Can Remember is There Anyway I Can Fix It or Make It Less?

     I would not have surgery as this is a pigmentation issue.  Some of the other suggestions offered are reasonable as well. 



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Hyperpigmentation of skin of the lower lids can be treated with bleaching agents.

I would start with a bleaching agent on the lower lids to see if they can be lightened. If this fails one might try an intermediate peel or superficial resurfacing with the laser.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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The End of Dark Circles

You can get rid of the circles but you must be evangelistic about the approach.  A cream mix of .05% Retin A and 7% Hydroquinone  used diligently for 6 months will end the pigment temporarily and if used 2 years the circles are gone for 100 years.  Why?  Because the Retin A allows the Hydroquinone to penetrate and stop the melanocytes from producing pigment.  These melanocytes are the rascals.  Peels, laser, etc simply scrape off the upper pigment but in fact stimulate the melanocytes as does UV light.  Retin a is an exfoliating agent  but in addition allows the Hydroquinone to penetrate and after long use permanently suppress the melanocytes.  You must use for 2 years and you must use a suitable sunscreen.   This works.  It fails only when patients refuse to be dedicated.   My Best,  Dr C

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