Dark Circles + Eye Bags + Sleep Line?

I have hereditary dark circles and eye bags which cause me grief to no end! To make matters worse, in the past month I've developed a 'sleep line' from laying on my left side that joins the bottom of my left eye bag to the corner of my eye - it's terrible! What can be done to combat these issues? I've read retin-a may be one solution. I'm only 22.

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Improving the appearance of the lower eyelids-non-surgical

Topical products such as Skinmedica dermal repair for eyes can be of benefit.  This particular product has Boron in it and helps to reflect the light making the appearance of the dark circles less.  Also products such as this and Retin-A help to thicken the epidermis. Circles under the eyes appear dark because the skin is thin and there are many blood vessels and muscle directly under the skin.  Some patients will benefit from microablative CO2 laser treatment to tighten the skin and  soft tissue fillers such as Juvederm to fill in hollows.  

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Dark Circles + Eye Bags + Sleep Line?

          Without pictures or an exam, it would be difficult to recommend a precise plan of action.  The bags may be the result of fat, amenable to surgical correction.  The tear troughs may be amenable to filler such as Restylane.  The skin quality may be improved with skin products, peels of varying compounds and strengths, and possible laser improvement.  Pigmentation can be more challenging to help through a variety of modalities.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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