What Are My Options For Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

Ive had dark circles since i was born, there a purple green color maybe a little brown and they kinda go in like, a dent. I have viens you can see and its thin, I hate them they look kinda dark in the natural day light but in other lights i look awful and like im on crack , i hate them so very much i cant afford plastic surgery and im only 16 so what now ?

Doctor Answers 1

Correction of Dark Circles Under Eyes requires Arcus Release and Fat Grafting

The most definitive solution for Dark Circles Under the Eyes that you describe requires plumping of the depression beneath the lower eyelid. It is a surgical procedure thatb utilizes Fat Grafting to plump this area. You will need to wait until you are at least 18.

Veins and pigment can be treated with IPL-Intense Pulsed Light.

Avoid filler injections-they are dangerous and can make the Dark Circles worse.

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