Dark Circles After Rhinoplasty- Shape Change Possible?

I am 3 weeks post rhino-septoplasty. My bridge looks wider, & the corners of my eyes now butt up against it. My hereditary undereye circles are now more pronounced. They "drape" dIfferently under my eyes and pull up more to the inner corners, like they are scooped up in a more tear-drop shape instead of following the natural curvature of my eyes. Is it possible the contours of my dark circles have permanently changed shape because they curve around a wider bridge? I look awful.

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Shadows/Tear Trough after Rhinoplasty

Early rhinoplasty results can be deceiving. At three weeks your swelling is still a substantial contributor to your appearance and it is impossible to tell anything about your nose yet. Try to be patient. As for your tear troughs, I would wait at least a couple months prior to getting any filler placed. Stay away from Juvaderm around the eyes as it can make them appear puffy. I hope this helps. Take care.

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