Why Do Dark Circles Under my Eyes Change Occasionally? (photo)

when I wake up,it's fine.I look great I even sleep in noon , for about even more than 3 hours(I love it) but in the night my eyes circle look awful. It's not because of lack of sleeping,cause I sleep enough.but my eyes go darker hours after waking up the first pic is with black , and the second is the fine one how can I fix it without surgery?

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Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Dark circles under your eyes are a combination of many things. They can be structural—the way your eye sits in its socket and how the skin, fat and muscle drape over and around it, creating a shadowing effect under the eye—and that’s often genetic.

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How to Fix Dark Circles?

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Hi Dewd.  You are an excellent candidate for Restylane injections.  With 1-2 CC's of Restylane, you will look refreshed and some or much of the darkness will be camouflaged by the extra volume provided by the dermal filler.  

Click on the link below to see photos of the procedure.  Good luck.

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