Will Laser Resurfacing Help Dark Spots After Bug Bites?

Dark blemishes on medium to dark skin tone. I have bug bites that I scratched and they flammed up like mosquito bites and they left a dark mark on my legs kind of looks like a blemish from a black head and I was just wondering if laser resurfacing would take care of this.

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Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation from bug bites on the legs

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increased skin pigmentation on the legs on dark-skinned individuals is very stubborn to treat and often there is increased pigment from any resurfacing but especially with the pigment-specific lasers. Fraxel Restore may help, but again all resurfacing treatments, including chemical peels (careful, some can scar if too strong for the leg) can result if darkening. Skin lightening creams may help. See a dermatologist to examine your skin.

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