Is There a Danger of Noticable Changes in Pigmentation if Different Lasers Are Used for Different Parts of the Face?

I am going to get laser resurfacing with fraxel for around my eyes. At a later point I am going to get the rest of my face done. If it is done by a different laser, will this make an even pigmentation more difficult? I understand that the lasers have different levels of powers. Is it important I know which level is used the first time for future, further treatments with another laser?

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Compartmental laser resurfacing Fraxel and other lasers

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It is not unusual to treat the periorbital area (around the eyes) with one laser and the rest of the face with another.  In fact, this is similar to treating the perioral area with a different laser for more stubborn lines and a more gentle laser for the rest of the face.  As long as there is a concern of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation with your skin type, then regardless of the laser, there is a chance you might develop splotchy brown hyperpigmentation on the face.The Fraxel Repair, the Carbon Dioxide non-fractional, and Portrait plasma resurfacing all have a greater chance of stimulating hyperpigmentation compared with Fraxel Restore, although the latter, is not guaranteed to avoid causing it either.

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