Any Danger for the Eye in Enphothalmos Surgery?

Is there any danger for the eye, in enophthalmos surgery by implanting fat or implant, if yes at which level is the danger, and which danger do I risk ? Thank you !

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Orbital Surgery: Enophthalmos

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Simply stated, enophthalmos is an eye that appears recessed or sunken into the bony orbit. There are a multitude of reasons (congenital, traumatic, etc.) one can develop this condition. Ultimately, this condition represents a mismatch between the bony orbit and the filling contents (eye, muscles, fat). The volume of the filling contents is often increased to match a large, or enlarged, orbit with either placement of an implant, a plate, or both. Risks include bleeding, infection, corneal abrasion, misplacement of the eyelid, need for reoperation and even loss of vision. In experienced hands the risks of severe complications is very low. It is important to review your concerns with your treating physician as I am certain they will be very responsive to your inquiries.

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Enophthalmus surgery is a very wide topic.

It depend on the surgery to be performed. Any time there is surgery around the globe there is a risk of loss of vision, though the risk is very very low.

Discuss this with your surgeon who knows what is he doing and what are the risks.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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