Is it my right as a patient to ask for photos of my breast implants and capsules?

I was wanting to know can a surgeon refuse to give you photos of your implants and capsuals ? I am wanting photos of mine. Still waiting a response. Im shure its my rite to be able to have photos of them both. Any help drs would be much appreciated . Thankyou

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Patient Photos

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I generally do not take photos of removed implants as it would not really add anything to the medical record or the patient's care.  If I feel that a photo of the capsule or the implant would be helpful in some way, then I do.  Photos are by no means the standard of care.  If a photo has been taken, then that is part of the medical record and patients have a right in the USA to a copy of that information.

Boise Plastic Surgeon

Intraoperative photos

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It is not necessarily common practice to take photos intraoperatively of implants and capsules. This would have to be arranged ahead of time in many situations. Many facilities have different policies, and you should definitely work this out prior to the surgery.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
Fall River Plastic Surgeon
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