Is it possible to make my nose straight ?

I broked my nose at the age of 13 now I'm 19 so if go to the docter an ask him if he could bend my nose back to its place with his fingure tips and puts enough pressure, will it be possible ? If no then what's the difference when doing it right after when it's broken ?

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Rhinoplasty can straiten the broken nose

Immediately after fracture , displaced  bone can be put in  back posion easily.. while they are fixed in malposition and secondary changes took place , rhinoplasty requires refracture of the bone  and reposition of bone and correction of the secondary changes.. . comaritivly little complex job.

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Is it possible to make my nose straight ? Perth, Australia

Thank you for your question. At the time of your injury your nasal bones would have been broken. Therefore usually within the first week there is time to straighten the nose before the bones heal in place. After 6 years your bones are well and truly healed in place and the only way to improve their position would be with rhinoplasty. 
Dr Guy Watts 

Straightening a nose after fracture

One of the main causes of a twisted nose is fracture of the bones and cartilage.
To get an absolutely straight nose is difficult even for the most experienced surgeon.
After examination of your nose a rhinoplasty surgeon will do digital imaging to show you what you might expect.
You should seek out a surgeon who has extensive experience in rhinoplasty

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Hi there and thanks for posting.

Unfortunately your situation now is very different to the time when the bones were actually broken. At that time the bones are mobile and relatively easy to reposition. Over time the bones heal in their new position and become strong and immovable. 

In addition often there can be secondary changes as a result of the repositioning of the bones.

I would expect that the only option at this point would be a rhinoplasty for you.

I hope that is helpful

Best wishes


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You would need a rhinoplasty at this point

In the first few weeks after a nasal fracture, closed reduction (pushing the bones back into place) may be performed because the bones are not healed and fused together.  After time passes, the bones heal into the crooked shape and correction requires re-breaking the bones and setting them into the correct position and shape.  Also, the cartilage beneath the bone can become distorted after years of being pulled out of position (they are connected to the bones).  To become fully straight, these structures often need treatment as well.  The link below goes to a video I created describing my approach to the crooked nose.

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Nasal bone fractures

I'm so sorry to hear about your broken nose many years ago! Nasal trauma can lead to broken nasal bone and if they are not "reduced" or put into place soon after the injury, they can heal in an abnormal position and lead to deviation in the dorsal line of your nose. That being said, a rhinoplasty with osteotomies can help. Sometimes spreader grafts may be needed as well to help really reinforce the dorsal aesthetic lines of the nose and help with deviation. Best of luck, MMT

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Initially after a nose fracture, the nasal bones can be easily manipulated back into position. Over time, these bones become set in place as they heal preventing an easy reduction. Once the bones are healed, an open reduction is required to re-break the bones and straighten the nose. This is really the same technique as used in rhinoplasty. 

Since it has been several years since your nasal fracture, an open procedure like rhinoplasty would be required. I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon who regularly performs nasal surgery to explore your options. 

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