What happens if I get a chin implant and then remove it later in life?

then later in life i remove it. Will i still look the same when i didn't had and will there be scares, and also whats the side effect of chin implants.

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Removal of chin implant

Chin implants can be removed - silicone is the best implant for removal. Others may attach to tissue and bone and require considerable surgery.
There will be looseness of the skin that depends on the size of your implant and the quality of your skin.
Fillers can be used after removing an implant to provide chin volume. 

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Chin implants

It is better to plan on having a chin implant forever.
However chin implants can be removed, especially silicone chin implants, which are generally quicker and easier anyway. If the implant is a large one there can be some excess skin or even a slight chin pad droop after removal, especially if the implant has been in for a long time (several years).
Chin implants can be wrongly positioned and are easier to position if inserted by an incision in the chin crease, rather than through the mouth.
Infection may occur, but is very uncommon.

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What happens if I get a chin implant and then remove it later in life?

Typically, patients do plan to have these implants long term.  But, if you did have the implant and wanted it removed in later years, it can be done (silicone implant).  You may need a bit of skin tightened under the chin at the time of removal.  If you are undecided, I suggest using a filler to add projection to your chin to see if you like the results.  I have a large implant practice and have many patients who use fillers!  They work great! 

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