What is your recommendation for a patient who is absolutely, beyond a doubt, botulism toxin A/B resistant?

Doctors here have never really answered that question, instead they talk about the rarity of that, injector skill, toxin age, ect. But what would recommendations be for a patient who is truly resistant? Is there any substitute that will slow the etching of wrinkles? Or is the only option fillers and/or (eventually) surgery? I thank you in advance for your answers.

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you could use the cryotherapy device, Iovera instead which may be available in your country. You cannot inject all the same areas that Botox can be injected, but it can be used on the forehead. 
Use fillers instead anyway. There isn't much that Botox can do that fillers cannot do better in my opinion, and yes I use filler in the forehead, around the eyes and so on. In my feeling, it looks more natural in some people to use fillers anyway rather tha. Botox.

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