Damon Braces System Made My Face Longer. Any Alternative Ways To Straighten Teeth Without Face Lengthening?

I have been wearing damon system for 7 months. w/o extraction. I have a 4 mm overbite problem and my bottom front teeth are a little crowded (but not severe). My face looks longer and I was losing fat in my face after I wore the braces. I originally went to the ortho for a better smile (straight and symmetric teeth). However, nothing else is more important than a full face and a nice facial pattern. Is there any way I can have straight teeth without making my face look longer? What I should do?

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Do Damon Braces Lengthen Your Face?

There is a general misconception about Damon braces (promoted mainly by the company that makes them) that they somehow move the teeth differently than any other bracket. The truth is that Damon brackets, like all other brackets, are just handles on the teeth, have no special powers, and cannot move the teeth any differently. I love Damon brackets because of their size, appearance, and how easy they are to adjust in clinic.


Having said that, what is causing the "lengthening" of your face? Although there may have actually been some increase in your actual facial height if your back teeth were elongated by the braces (any braces, not just Damon), this is usually not very much even if we want it to be. I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned losing weight because of your braces. That is very common and the result is a longer, skinnier facial shape. What a great problem to have! I wouldn't worry about it too much as all of that lost weight tends to come back after the braces are removed (dang it!). If it is a big problem in the short term, increase your calorie intake until your facial appearance returns to normal (i.e. have fries with that...)

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