I'm 26 yrs old female. I have a deep overbite, unbalanced jaw, & crowded teeth. Would Damon Braces or Invisalign help?

I have deep overbite,mild upper jaw unbalance, partially erupted canine in lower jaw (no space), 2 impacted wis teeth, overcrowded teeth.After consulting several orthodontist, I refused surgery. Braces opinions were dissimilar;some encouraged invisalign telling me it's my best option especially for bite & jaw correction, others said it's limited & wont give excellent, ALMOST perfect result like braces will give. Strangely, nobody said both options will give almost same result! Help me decide plz

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What treatment is best for me

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First off, if surgery was discussed as an option you must have a very severe problem.  As such no non-surgical treatment is "ideal" and you will have to decide between various compromised treatment options.
The one thing you should NOT be concerned about is using Damon braces.  Braces are pretty much braces and all the most recent studies have shown that there is nothing magical about Damon treatment!  It is the skill of the practitioner, not the tool that will determine the final result.  Invisalign is a great tool but it can't do everything regular braces can do so it all depends on what compromises your doctor elects for your treatment.

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