Am I Damaging my New Abs when They Hurt?

I had vaser hi-def on my abs 3 days ago and things seem to be going well (see photos on my review). However, when i get in/out of bed and sit down/stand up, I get a lot of discomfort in my lower abs, not really pain but really freaky weird uncomfortable sensations which feel as though my abs are twitching like mad trying to handle the load. Im worried that I am damaging the work that has been done? Also, when can I sleep on my side/belly again? Thank you, John

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Muscle pain after Vaser

Thank you for your question.

Muscle pain, twitching, spasms and stiffness are all very common after any operation and particularly after body sculpting procedures like Vaser.

This is due to to inflammatory reaction in response to trauma of the surgery and recovery of muscle fibres.  Lymphatic drainage massage, gentle exercise, stretching and wearing your compression garment are important in aiding the recovery. You should not worry to move but may avoid too much exertion especially first 2 weeks after the operation, after that resuming exercise is actually strongly advised.

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