Damaged smile nerves?

I had a facelift and neck lift and fat removal platysmaplasty done and now I have a "Joker" smile! You can see the insides of my mouth at the corners and I have numbness in my left cheek can the smile be corrected? obvious nerve damage( the surgeon was in Asia so I cant see him again) Is there a way to mend the nerves please

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Damaged nerves after facelift

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Dear helplessgirl14,

  • It is difficult to answer your question without seeing you
  • Sometimes, there the surgeon may pull a little tighter because as you heal, the skin will relax
  • If you are numb, that is normal, and the feeling should return after 6-8 weeks
  • If you are really concerned, I would see a specialist to evaluate you

Best regards,
Nima Shemriani

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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