Can Damaged Skin Bounce Back if Your Young?

Hello. I am 22 years old and have developed wrinkles around my mouth already, as well as a loss of skin in my left inner cheek where the nasolabial fold is, the right cheek is fine. I do not smoke or drink but I have put my skin through a lot throughout the years which I highly regret with exfoliants, topicals, experimenting, etc. I was wondering if my skin can bounce back to its original self? I have used retin-a and it works but I do not want to be dependent on it for the rest of my life.

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Optimal Skin Care for a 22 Year Old

The good news is you are young and can start on a good skin care program to reverse the damage that was done and begin to protect and care your skin for the rest of your life. The four steps to optimal skin care are:
1. Cleanse with a mild "syndet" cleanser.
2. Moisturize with a good, "scientifically proven" moisturizer.
3. Apply a good antioxidant cream at least once daily (such as at bedtime).
4. Use a good "broad spectrum" sunscreen every morning.


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Healing Skin

Without pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice.  However, in a young patient, the skin is usually very good at healing.  Additionally there are many factor which you can control to help your skin such as not smoking, eating a nutritious diet, etc.  There are other factors which you can't control such as your genetics which can affect the elasticity of your skin.  


Good Luck.

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