Could I Have Damaged my Nose Post Rhinoplasty by Sleeping on It Wrong?

Yesterday morning I woke up with my face burried in the pillow. My nose tip was all scrunched up as well, and I'm afraid I did damage to my nose! It was red and extremely swollen too. My tip looks so much bigger today and is still swollen! I had my revision 6 months ago, with ear cartilage. Could I have caused damage and altered its shape? Thank you again for all your wonderful feedback and advice!

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6 months after revision can I sleep on it and ruin it

I think not. If you were in some way obtunded (drug or alcohol) and for a long time laid on it in a strange position its possible. Th body even when sleeping doesn't let us assume a position that will cut off the blood supply or nerve supply to and area.This is true for the nose ,eyes etc.It is extremely unlikely you did permanent damage

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Damage to Nose 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty

Six months after your revision rhinoplasty you may have irritated your nose but it is extremely unlikely you did any permanent damage to your final result. Consult with your surgeon who knows exactly what was done and what you should look like at this time.

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