Damage to Upper Eyelid from Accident, Wondering What the Best Course of Action Would Be to Rebuild the Eyelid? (photo)

Although hard to see in the photo It is also quite clear that I have volume missing from the inner side of the eyelid where the impact occurred. This has left the outside of my upper eyelid with a slight droopy/hooded look, likely due to there being excess skin. I have been to 2 different PS's. The one recommended that, we can remove some of the excess skin. The other has suggested we use Restylane to rebuild the volume on the inside of the eyelid Would love to hear some thoughts.

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Upper Eyelid Drooping: Lift vs. Filler?

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Thank you for the question and your picture.  It appears to me that you have upper eyelid ptosis -- meaning that the muscle that elevates the eyelid is partially detached from the eyelid skin.  Diagnosis would require examination of the movement of your eyelids, and treatment would be a surgical procedure to reattach the muscle tendon.  It does not appear to me that you have extra skin, and I would not recommend skin removal.  A small amount of filler can be used in this area to treat the hollowing or sunken appearance, but this must be very skillfully done. Best of luck!

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