Could I Have Damage to Septum? Struck in Face And Stuffiness Has Returned 2 Weeks Post-Op.

I had a septo-rhinoplasty 12 days ago. I was looking and feeling (and breathing) great. This weekend, someone was giving me a hug and managed to whack me in the nose -- it was painful for a minute and I thought I heard a strange noise. I got a nosebleed in one nostril which subsided after a bit. Nothing looks different from the outside, but I feel stuffy again on the left side, after having felt so great on the left side after the splints came out. Is it possible I re-deviated my septum?

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Congestion Following Nasal Trauma 12 Days Post Septorhinoplasty

Hopefully the nasal congestion is secondary to temporary swelling following trauma 12 days after your septorhinoplasty. I tell patients to avoid nasal injuries for 6 weeks after their surgery. The fact that you had bleeding from 1 nostril bothers me. I recommend that you see your surgeon in the near future to evaluate you  because we cannot see the inside your nose from here.

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Injury after Rhinoplasty

The first few weeks after rhinoplasty require special care and attention.  Please consult with your surgeon and let him/her know what has happened as I am sure he/she will want to see you back in the office to evaluate you.

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Accidents after rhinoplasty

The first two to three weeks after rhinoplasty are a time for special care, however accidents do happen. A good whack on the nose early after can cause issues and needs to be checked out, and bleeding with stuffiness is expected. The healing tissue will readily swell. It is great that things look good on the outside though have your surgeon take a look.

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Complications after rhinoplasty


  Going through surgery is a significant event regardless of the procedure.  Choosing an elective procedure, especially if for cosmetic reasons, only adds to the gravity.  If at any point after surgery one of my patients is worried, I would like to know. 

  I think many of the surgeons on this website would agree that if there is a concern after surgery, large or small, they would like to know about it.  I would much prefer to reassure a patient in the middle of the night than to find out that there was a problem that I could have fixed, but someone didn’t want to bother me.  Please do not hesitate to contact your surgeon regarding your concerns. 

Hope this helps.

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Post Op Injury Should Be Evaluated

Hopefully, you did not sustain significant damage and are only experiencing temporary swelling from the injury.  However, you are still at a very vulnerable point in your post op healing and I would encourage you to follow up with your surgeon ASAP for an examination.  Good luck!

James Bartels, MD
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