Damage to Septoplasty 1 Month Post Op?

Its been a whole month since my septoplasty and still i am constantly worried that i am going to hit my nose and undo the results of the surgery. Its a constant source of anxiety. If i do hit my nose by acisident is there a chance that the septum will become deviated again? maybe even from a soft blow to the nose?

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Damage to septum after septoplasty

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Dear Kitt73

  • After about 6 weeks, things tend to be healed enough to resume all activity
  • In other words, when people who play sports get a septoplasty, we let them go back to playing sports at about 6 weeks
  • A soft blow probably won't do much, you may move more in your sleep without realizing it
  • I wouldn't worry too much, just be careful around kicking kids and other things that can hit your nose...otherwise, go enjoy life

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Nima Shemirani

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Damage to Septoplasty Post-Op

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If the surgery you had was only a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum for a breathing problem only the deviated portion of the cartilage and bone that comprises the septum would have been removed.  By simply removing the deviated portion of the cartilage and maintaining key support areas intact, the nose should not be any weaker after the surgery.  Bumping your nose after the surgery should not be a problem as the nose is not any weaker.  The bump to the nose would have to be significant to pose a problem.

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