How Much Damage Did I Do Using Clairisonic Under my Eyes? (photo)

I have a regular Clairisonic I use on my face, and started using it under my eyes, to get rid of a few milia. I have been using it under the eyes for 2 months, once/twice a day. I recently realized that this can damage the delicate under-eye collagen. I used to have fat pads that poked out when smiling, and now they are gone with wrinkles instead. How much permanent damage did I do to my delicate skin? Should I do anything to combat using the clairisonic? I am 28 and have many eye wrinkles!

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Clarisonic and under eye damage

Actually this isn't from the Clarisonic. Used properly the Clarisonic is perfect for undereye cleansing - better than the hands. The heads even pop out in the middle part just so the undereye area can be treated and make-up removed better. Clarisonics do not affect collagen at all. Eye wrinkles are caused primarily from sun damage!

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