Almost 8 weeks post op Benelli & BA. Is it normal at 8 weeks to look like this? (photos)

Only one arreola is not healing well....does this look look like an infection? Worried !!

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Almost 8 weeks post op Benelli & BA. Is it normal at 8 weeks to look like this?

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided infromation with pictures as well... I recommend you to go to your plastic surgeon as soon as you can, you need to be checked, hugs!

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Breast wound

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I'm sorry to hear about your healing problems.  It looks like your areolar incision opened up - with any open wound after augmentation, there is a risk for exposure of the implants.  Please see your surgeon ASAP to get evaluated and treated properly.  Good luck.

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Breast wound

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Thanks for your inquiry, I recommend you be seen by your plastic surgeon ASAP.  You are definitely taking a long time to heal and should discuss with him/her. Good Luck. 

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There is breakdown of your incision due to the competing forces of increasing the volume wile decreasing the skin covering it.  It will likely require only wound care in the clinic, but you definitely need to see your surgeon to discuss and evaluate.

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Benelli wound

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You have had a bit of wound breakdown which, by itself, is not necessarily a big issue. However, it looks like maybe the suture that secures the areola diameter may be exposed. If this is the case it is possible it would need to be removed. You should see your surgeon as soon as possibly for a clode examination

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