Tummy tuck: Who does an awake tummy tuck?

I'm wanting a tummy buck very soon im really wanting a awake one are the one with no drains asap im a bbw i went from 320 to 235 in weight

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Drainless TT

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Thanks for the question.  I perform drainless tummy tucks whenever I can, as long as I feel you wouldn't have a post-operative fluid collection.  However, I would not perform this operation without general anesthesia.

Mount Airy Plastic Surgeon
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"awake" tummy tuck

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Hi, this is a big operation, and should be done under anaesthetic. I don't think it is appropriate, safe or comfortable for you to have it one "awake". 


Dr Steve Merten, 

Sydney, Australia

Drainless tummy tuck

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The traditional procedure for tummy tuck involves stripping away all of the tissue down to the rectus fascia. The Brazilians pioneered leaving a layer called "scarpa's fascia" which retains some of the bodies native lymphatic drainage. By doing so with a combination of liposuction at the same time as the tummy tuck it creates a situation which supports in the right patients being able to perform the tummy tuck without the use of drains, or "drainless tummy tucks". This increases patient comfort post operatively and has been shown to have the same or lower incidence of seromas.

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