Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation & Partial Hysterectomy, When Will I feel Better?

I am going for a surgery of Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation with implants along with Partial hysterectomy. My Doc is saying that the gyno will do the hysterectomy, and he will followup with my plastic surgery. This surgery will take 9 hours. How soon should i start feeling better, What are the precautions i should take, or any opinion would help. As the time is getting closer i am getting nervous. Please let me know if there's anything i can do before or after to help.

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Mommy makeover plus hysterectomy

Thank you for your inquiry.  If your surgery really does take nine hours, I would be concerned about a deep venous thrombosis (DVT).  A DVT can lead to a pulmonary embolism (PE).  Please discuss this risk and prevention with your surgeons.  Good luck.

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Tummy tuck, breast augmentation and hysterectomy

Thank you for your question. A tummy tuck and breast augmentation are great procedures to combine with a hysterectomy as they address some of big changes that happen after pregnancy or weight change. It is often referred to as a mommy makeover. It is a bigger procedure and may often require a night in the hospital. I would consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options in more detail and would recommend combining the procedure as you will only have one recovery.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery

It is very common for mommy makeovers to include both breast and tummy procedures.  After surgery, your pain should be well managed with 1-2 oral pain pills every 4-6 hours if needed.   All my mommy makeover patients are ambulating a few hours after surgery (of course walking flexed at their waist given the tummy tuck).   Most surgeons will likely recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for 5-6 weeks.  Most of my mommy makeover patients are comfortable with driving 7-10 days after their surgery.  I generally recommend taking 7-10 days off from a desk job after a mommy makeover procedure.  Doing too much too soon can definitely increase your risk of healing problems or fluid collections (seromas).

Every surgical plan is unique/different so I encourage you to direct these questions to your surgeon and his staff.  It is very important you allow enough time for yourself and your recovery.  Mommy Makeovers are truly transforming procedures.  I'm sure you'll love your results.   Please plan and give enough time for your recovery.  Best of luck.

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Hysterectomy with Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

I perform breast and tummy tuck surgery in combination with a hysterectomy frequently.   I have never seen this procedure take 9 hours.  Are there any other procedures such as extensive liposuction?   I personally prefer to keep all cosmetic surgery operative times to less than 7 hours.  

I would ask your plastic surgeon about the safety of your procedure. I would recommend the use of peri-operative anticoagulants such as Lovenox and compression devices to minimize your risk of DVT, along with early ambulation.   Most surgeons inject long acting pain medication to make early ambulation tolerable for the patient.

I would expect to be sore and require pain medication for 2 weeks and then gradually return to normal activities without restriction by 6 weeks.

Best wishes.

Dr. Gill

If you 

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May be too much surgery

Wow, that is a long day in the operating room!  Nine hours is a long time.

As others have stated the risks for DVTs go up with increasing operating times.  Also, I do not perform breast augmentation in conjunction with hysterectomy.  If an implant gets an infection, you outcome will be terrible. I will do tummy tucks at the same times as a hysterectomy.  Although there is a small increased risk of infection with this combination, I do not think it is a large risk.  

I would recommend delaying your augmentation. 

In event you do go through with all three, I would plan to be off work nearly two weeks.  

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I routinely inject a long-acting pain medicine during the surgery; therefore, most of my tummy tuck and breast augmentation patients go home on the same day.  If they want to stay at the hospital overnight, I will keep them.  When I do combination surgery of hysterectomy with breast aug/TT, patients will stay 1-2 nights  in the hospital.  The advantage of the hospital is that you will get the pain medicine via IV  so your pain will be better controlled. On the 3rd (even 4th day), you will not be pain-free.  Depending on your pain threshold, combination surgery of hysterectomy/TT/BA can be well-tolerated with oral medications.  I am however concerned about the length of your surgery.  You mentioned 9 hours.  You need to discuss with your PS the risk of blood clots (DVTs) and how DVTs will be prevented from this lengthy combined procedure.

Sugene Kim, MD, FACS
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Mommy Makeover and Hysterectomy?

As others on this site have cautioned, this is a bad combination of surgical procedures to undergo at the same time.

There is an increased risk of bleeding, infection, deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and subsequent pulmonary embolism with this specific combination and with elective surgery of this length of time in the operating room.

Robert Singer, MD  FACS

La Jolla, California

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Separate Hysterectomy from the Mommy Makeover

There is increased infection risk with hysterectomy combined with breast implants and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).  Do not do this combination.  Why push it?  During a hysterectomy there is increased bacteremia  (bacteria in blood) and therefore increased risk of infection especially around breast implants and abdomen also.    We prohibit this combination at our surgicenter and it is not a combination I would ever suggest for my patients. Stanford University Surgeons use our surgicenter (Palo Alto Plastic Surgery Center).  As I  said,  this combination would not be done at our center.  In  30 years I have never seen this combination done at Stanford University Hospital for the above stated reasons.  Even a mild breast infection means hard breasts.   This is too much and too risky.  What is the rush?   Do not do this combination.  I, and many others, feel it is not a safe choice.   My Best,  Dr C

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