I'm having a TT without lipo on July 1. Is lipo necessary to have the best outcome?

My doctor who I respect greatly and did my breast lift said I did not have to have but could if I wanted a more sculpted look. I chose not to because of the cost and the fact that he seemed to think it was optional. But I've read most have some lipo. My dr flips you to perform lipo and it was going to cost $4k in addition to my $7k TT. Seems high?? Will I regret not getting? Do you always to lipo with TT?

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I'm having a TT without lipo on July 1. Is lipo necessary to have the best outcome?

Dear Reader,

In my practice, I perform liposuction with my tummy tucks 99.9999999% of the time.  It's a good idea to help fine tune and sculpt areas such as the waist and lower back.  I don't think your doctor's pricing is unreasonable at all.  If you can give your surgeon an extra tool to help make you look amazing, what is that worth to you?  Remember, it's surgery, not magic.  Good luck and be safe.

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Lipo with TT Needed?

Hi Bec

Congratulations on your TT and clicking with a good PS.

My advice to you without ANY required information to give advice is this.  You can always add more surgery later if you feel you want it.  You can't take it back.

Hopefully you will be so tickled with your result that you won't "need" anything more.  On the other hand, if you desire some lipo later on, you may only require a small amount.

Best wishes to a speedy recovery.


Scott E. Kasden, MD, FACS
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Only examining doctor can answer this question

You are asking a theoretical question. Most patients but not all patients benefit from liposuction of flanks with a tummy tuck. Additional cost is usually in range of $ 1000-$ 1500.
Trust your doctor and follow his/her advice.

Vasdev Rai, MD
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Liposuction with tummy tuck?

Thank you for your general question. Photographs would of course be helpful to allow us to determine how great your need for liposuction is. Considering the added cost, it sounds like the option is to liposuction your thighs and maybe your hip rolls at the same time as your tummy tuck.  Most of us include liposuction of the hip rolls or "grab handle" areas with a tummy tuck when needed but some patients request significant liposuction of their inner and outer thighs possibly their knees or other areas at the same time at additional expense.  You can determine how much improvement is possible with liposuction by pinching a double layer of your skin to determine the thickness of the underlying subcutaneous fat.  You might gain some useful information from the video that I have linked to above.Good luck with your choices and best wishes.

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Tummy Tuck and Lipo

Thank you for posting this question.  While a question like yours can be answered in general terms, seeing your pictures and examining you directly would be the fairest way to give you a more complete answer.  I almost always combine some amount of liposuction when I perform a tummy tuck so that there is a smoother flow at the waistline, especially as you transition from the front, to the side, and then to the back.  Since you know and trust your doctor and have already discussed liposuction with him, it might be helpful to expand the discussion to see if there would be any value to liposuction performed from the sides of your tummy tuck as opposed to turning you.  He can tell you if the amount of improvement he can achieve from a more limited liposuction procedure will be worth it, or if what you truly need is a more extensive procedure that would involve turning you as he has suggested. 

Isaac Starker, MD
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Dr Derby

It might be wise to add a few photos to your questions so that we can give you a better recommendation. Lipo enhances in general the results of a TT and gives you a more sculpted look.Best of luck

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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I'm having a TT without lipo on July 1. Is lipo necessary to have the best outcome?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your upcoming surgery.  The decision to pursue any aesthetic surgery treatment is based on the patient's desired goals or outcome.  Without a series of photographs or an in-person evaluation to examine your waist and love handle region it is difficult to know if added liposuction will enhance your tummy tuck results.  You appear to have a good relationship with your surgeon so provide them the opportunity to discuss with you what improvement can be obtained and then you can determine if it is worth the additional cost.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Lipo with tt

to answer your question quickly, not everyone needs lipo. it is surgeon choice, and patients desires that drive that decision.   I personally, almost always do lipo on the waistline (flanks) to shrink the waistline and enhance the overall aesthetic result of the tt.  the tt is a 2-dimensional procedure. only tightens in the front.  but I believe that we are 3-dimension, and the entire torso should be addressed to achieve a more natural result.  that is just my opinion and how I practice.  
adding lipo to the tt, usually only take me an additional 15-30 minutes depending on size of patient. no way patients would pay an additional 4k just for flank lipo in Houston, Tx. LOL.  maybe that is going rate in Dallas. or your PS is really, really good, experienced, and in very high demand.  but it does seem a little high.  there must be additional things that are included with their price. maybe using special additional techniques or devices?? 

Hope that helps and best wishes!
Dr. Morales
ABPS Board Certified
Houston, Tx

Rolando Morales Jr, MD
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Is liposuction during tummy tuck needed?

Thank your for your question. Liposuction is a very common adjunctive procedure during a tummy tuck to further contour the waist and pubic region so that it is proportional to the front of the stomach. It sounds as though your surgeon is going to be doing lipo on you back as well. This is not always necessary but more a patient preference and can be added to complete the whole package. If it is not done you need to make sure that your are ok with a tight and flat stomach and waist along with a different look from the back. This really is a personal preference and a discussion you should have with your surgeon before surgery. Have your surgeon show you pictures of a patient with and without liposuction of the back.

Thomas Trey Sands, MD
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Is lipo necessary to have the best outcome with tummy tuck?

Thank you for the question.
Generally speaking, liposuction is a tool that is often used during the time of tummy tuck surgery. Different plastic surgeons utilize this tool differently; some are more “aggressive” than others. In my practice, I frequently utilize this tool to treat adipose tissue of the flanks and pubic areas during the tummy tuck procedures.

In your case specifically, whether or not you should undergo liposuction surgery will depend mainly on your goals;  if you are concerned about adipose tissue of the flank or back areas, best to have the liposuctioning performed.

 I would suggest you spend additional time discussing your goals, plans, and expectations directly with your plastic surgeon, in front of a full length mirror.  Working together you will come up with the best plan to achieve the desired outcome.
  I hope this, and the attached link, helps.
Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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