Was told I can't get implants because of the way my front incisors are? (photos)

I feel I have suffered way too long with my teeth I am DESPERATE for help, every time I go to a dentist for help it seems there is always an issue, for example, when I went to the implant specialist he said he couldn't do it because I needed braces and would have to get crowns first so I can get braces over that but that's just too much to go through right now, I just wanted to know if there was a way around that or was the dentist exaggerating and would it be fine to get the implants?

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Fix my front teeth

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It appears that you have cavities and an open bite I assume you have had all your life. Have you had any consultations with an orthodontist to reduce your open bite? I would suggest you consult with an orthodontist. If you were my patient, I would have you consult with an orthodontist if your teeth are salvageable. Restore your front teeth to ideal form with bonding or crowns and then place braces to reduce your open bite. Implants will not help you with your open bite unfortunately. Your problem is complicated and there really is no quick fix. Sorry.


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My first question is why do you need implants? Based on your photos, you have an open bite which cannot be fixed by placing implants. Your front teeth look broken down, but they could be fixed. ( though without x-rays I can't say that 100%) You might be better off without placing implants and just restoring your teeth properly.

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