Are there reasons to put a pre-jowl chin implant above the jawline? Or should it always go along the edge of the jaw?

I had a pre-jowl chin implant. One side hugs my jawline. It's beautiful. On the other side, it actually angles up toward my cheek. It does not rest on the jawline at all. At the end of the implant, it is about 3/4 of an an inch above my jawline. I sort of have a very subtle second jawline on that side, and I still have that "triangle" notch along my jaw on that side. My doctor says this is exactly where he wanted it...that he was trying to minimize the folds in my face. Is this reasonable?

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Prejowl asymmetrical placement

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Typically, when placing a pre-jowl implant (or an extended anatomic implant, for that matter), Symmetrical placement is generally the goal. Implants can be placed either along the inferior edge of the mandible (jawline) or more superiorly to prevent adding to the vertical length of the chin. When one end of the implant is sitting along the jawline  while the other is 3/4 higher, visual asymmetry may not be apparent because  sufficient soft tissue coverage is veiling the asymmetrical placement. Conversely, visual asymmetry maybe noticeable to the discerning eye. In that case, it is best to return to the original surgeon and seek his professional advice. Often times, a simple readjustment may be indicated after a suitable amount of healing time has elapsed.

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Asymmetric pre-jowl implants

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Without photos it is hard to comment.
The implants are usually placed symmetrically.
If you are not happy with the look, discuss with your surgeon.

Are there reasons to put a pre-jowl chin implant above the jawline? Or should it always go along the edge of the jaw?

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Without seeing you or seeing photos of you, it is hard to give exact information.  Typically, the implant is placed on the inferior portion of the mandible, regardless of asymmetry from side to side.  Normally, the edges do not curl up.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Chin implant contour

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The key to a successful situtation is to ensure 'you' are happy with the resultant contours. Don't focus too much on the 'feel' of the implant edges IF  the overall look at rest and with smiling is good. However, if you are not satisfied, then discuss that feature with the surgeon

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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