What is the best way to remove leg scars/pigmentation? (Photo)

I have leg lipo scars that have healed correctly, I believe. However, the surrounding skin around my scars are hyperpigmented. I also have scars from other accidents on my legs, such as scratches and scrapes. Is there any procedure (such as cutting off scar or laser treatments) that would help the overall appearance of my legs? I've tried creams and Bio-Oil to no avail. My self-esteem is killing me, and it prevents me from wearing anything that show my legs. Thank you in advance!

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What is the best way to remove leg scars/pigmentation?

There is no true way to "remove" scars but often they can be improved and/or made more inconspicuous. It seems as though the primary issue is hyperpigmentation. I typically recommend topical treatments for this issue first--usually a combination of hydroquinone (medical grade, not over the counter) and spot chemical peels. After the hyperpigmentation is treated in that way for a few months I will then offer a monthly laser treatment. It will typically take 4-6 months for improvement.

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Dark Scar Treatments

Hi Kushyy.  There are several scars and treatments are not all the same.  There is one scar on the right knee that does not look like it's fully healed. It's flaking and crusty.  Moisturize this scar and get it to the point where it is healed completely with fresh new skin.

There are also 1 or 2 cars that are hard or raised (keloid or hypertrophic).  These are very common for liposuction.  The first thing to do is inject them with Kenalog or another steroid to get the area flattened. 

Finally, once the knee scar has healed and the raised scars have been flattened, we would move to removing the darkness.  We use lasers and/or topical treatments for this.  Q-switched lasers and hydroquinone bleaching products.  Good luck and see the link below for some dark leg scars we treated.

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