Can my teeth be fixed with Damon braces? I've seen hundreds of pics of people with braces, but not quite a case like mine.

I tried to upload a pic but for some reason I can't, but you can view my profile pic. How long will I be required to wear braces? Will I have to have any extractions or have surgery?

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Hi, Lucky84! 

Thanks for your question and picture (I saw the profile pic)! I think your case is a great candidate for orthodontic treatment. From the photo it looks like you have some crowding and an "overbite." These are the types of cases orthodontic specialists tackle ALL THE TIME! I can tell you've done your research about the options available and I think self-ligating brackets (like DAMON) are a wonderful option! 

Please contact your orthodontic specialist for a full exam, any additional orthodontic options, length of treatment and cost. I'm sure you'll be blown away by the change! 


Dr. Schofield

Irving Orthodontist

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