Can I submit septoplasty/turbinate reduction to insurance myself?

My surgery is scheduled for next month. I am having a rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. The doctor I am using does not bill to insurance. I am wondering if I can (on my own) submit the Septoplasty and Turbinate reduction portion of my bill to insurance. Should I go to my regular ENT and have him document that I do indeed need these surgeries? Also, does it make a difference that the doctor performing my surgery is not an ENT, he is a plastic surgeon?

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You can submit your own codes to insurance

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Your surgeon will need to document what was done during the surgery and the indications to encourage insurance to help pay for the surgery. I like that you are thinking about getting the deviation documented by your ENT. If you have a history of treatment for the deviated septum and nasal obstruction then this is necessary for insurance to be involved. If you love your general plastic surgeon then you should absolutely still go to them. There are many surgeons board certified in ENT and facial plastic surgery that will submit the billing on your behalf. Also, because some insurances recognize that general plastic surgeons are mainly trained in cosmetic nose surgery they may not be as likely to pay for the breathing portion of the surgery.

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