Will I have to stay overnight at a hospital after a low body lift and is that included in the quote surgery price?

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Overnight stay after body lift

We always schedule an overnight stay for body lift patients.  First, this is a more prolonged anesthesia time than most plastic surgery procedures and will therefore entail larger amounts of anesthetic agents and intravenous fluids.  Monitoring of vital signs and state of hydration following  longer procedure is prudent.  Also, having a patient in a setting where they can be given IV fluids, IV pain medication, IV anti-nausea medication, and injectable anti-blood clot medications is best for the patient.  Look for a line item on your quote that represents the overnight stay, and ask the surgery coordinator about this if it is not listed as at least an approximate cost.  Best wishes on your upcoming procedure!

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Body Lift and Overnight Stay

Thanks for your question.  I usually recommend that patient undergoing this procedure stay the night.  This helps you have to have first hand access to IV pain medications, IV anti-nausea medications, appropriate post-operative fluids, prevention of post-operative blood clots, and good wound care.  Wishing you all the best on your upcoming surgery.
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Staying Overnight After a Lower Bodylift #lowerbodylift

  • We feel very strongly that our lower body lift patients should stay overnight in a surgery center after their operation.
  • It is a major operation, and we feel that having an RN at the bedside the night of the procedure is best for the patient. 
  • Also, IV pain meds are available to our patients that first night if needed. 
  • Each plastic surgery office has its own way of dealing with the cost of the overnight stay. Some include it, others charge extra. 
  • Best of luck to you!

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Will I need to stay overnight after lower body lift

Thank you for your question. In our practice we recommend to stay overnight. I think it is for the good pain control and proper monitoring after pronged anesthesia and surgery. You need to ask for the cost your surgeon as everybody are different.

Ven Erella, MD
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