Skin tightening on the back of legs and tummy. Any suggestions?

I'm starting to see small dimpling and sagging on the back of my legs and tummy area. I'm 28 years old, not over weight, and exercise regularly. I've been to a dermatologist that recommended Venus Freeze for skin tightening. I'm skeptical about Venus Freeze as this treatment has gotten poor reviews on RealSelf. What other treatments have you used that works for someone like me? Should I see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon?

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Need to be a good candidate

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Thanks for the great question. It's difficult to tell you what might or might not work for tightening your skin without seeing you in person. In my opinion, it's best to see a plastic surgeon who offers both surgical and non-surgical options. They will be able to evaluate you in person and give you an idea of what category you might fit into. There are a lot of non-surgical skin tightening devices available and most of them use heat to tighten tissue. All of these devices get mixed reviews. Patients either love them or hate them. I think a lot that is making sure that the patient is a good candidate for the treatment. That's why it's so important to see someone who also does surgery. If you're seeing a doctor who only does non invasive treatments then they may try to make a non-invasive technology work on you when you would actually be better off just having surgery. I hope this is helpful and best of luck in your area!~Dr. Sieber

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