Saggy breast 2 months after breast lift. What can possibly have gone wrong? (Photo)

I got my BL+Aug. done in august and it looked awesome at first. I did all the dr asked me too but the more time passed and swelling went away, the more my breast would drop... I started getting really concerned about it but now I am actually sad, the results are nothing like I expected them to be, I cant even wear a bra less shirt and my breast actually still touchs my stomach. What can possibly have gone wrong? I told my Dr I wanted perky looking breast and went with a 425cc textured silicone.p

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Saggy breast 2 months after breast lift. What can possibly have gone wrong?

Breast lift with augmentation is as hard as it gets in aesthetic breast surgery. It can be difficult to have both the implant and your breast tissue sitting in the right place. Even if the surgeon achieves this in the operating room the breast can loosen and drop postoperatively, so that the breast lies below the implant. Don't forget that the surgery does not restore the elasticity of your skin. No matter what the surgeon does, your skin is still the same stretched, damaged skin it was before surgery. Finally, your textured implant may not drop as much as a smooth device, contributing to its higher position. I recommend you discuss your concerns with your surgeon. All the best.

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Loss of projection after breast lift

In general your end result depends on the quality of the tissue over your implant and the implant choice.  Your overlying tissues have healed well and you have nice scars early on.  To be "perky", the most projecting part of your breast should be at the nipple but yours is well above that, giving you that flat or saggy look.  Generally this is due to the inelasticity of your overlying breast tissue or an implant which is too high or rotated.  Since you cannot change your tissue elasticity, the solution to your concern is positioning your implant lower, directly behind the nipple for maximal projection.  This may involve the change in the style of implant based on your measurements.

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Nothing went "wrong"

Thanks for your question and the photos. It looks like you have a great result. Without seeing your preop photos it is hard to definitively comment. Your nipple position relative to your inframammary fold is good and the overall shape is nice. You have a large implant but even that cannot prevent the skin from stretching. The elasticity of the breast envelope is not strong enough to prevent the breast skin from touching the abdomen. After 6 months consideration can be given for adding more volume, resecting an inferior wedge of skin, adding fat, etc. All of these things however are not guarantees that you will get the desired look you want. The limitation in to what can be achieved likely may be to the original size and shape.

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Unpredicatable nature of the procedure

Breast lift with breast augmentation can be one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery.  How your breast tissue will interact with the breast implant can be unpredictable and sometimes limited based on your anatomy and trying to keep your nipples alive and with sensation.

Your breast tissue has relaxed over a fixed breast mound (implants).  I would wait at least a few more months and explore options with your surgeon.

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