When can I rule out Nose collapse ? (photos)

I'm 4.5 months post op following septorhinoplasty . I was wondering if the dark coloration on the sides of my nose bridge are normal or are they a warning sign that my nose may collapse months later ? What are warning signs for nose collapse and when am I "in the clear" ? 1 year post op? 2 years? My surgeon utilized closed technique and no grafts were utilized. I had a hump reduced and tip refinement .

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You Are in the Clear Already

I do not think the dark coloration is a sign of anything unusual. You have some pigmentation in your skin and some darkness underneath your eyes. Sometimes in response to the injury of surgery, there is some temporary hyperpigmentation in patients of color, which should resolve with time. Nasal collapse simply will not occur after full healing, which is within 2 months of surgery. Without grafts, and with a standard septorhinoplasty, you have nothing to be concerned about.

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Nasal collapse...

I encourage you to discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

Nasal collapse occurs when an over aggressive septoplasty or dorsal hump removal is performed and is best appreciated from the side/ lateral view. The shadows you are referencing are not a sign of this occurring.  

Enjoy your surgical outcome and busy yourself with other aspects of life. 

Parker A. Velargo, MD
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Hello. From a 2D picture, all one can appreciate are shadows. Nasal collapse will present as a depression of the middle third of your dorsum, on lateral profile view.

Marcelo Ghersi, MD
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Nasal collapse?

Based on this photo you do not show signs of nasal collapse. A saddle nose deformity is usually the sign of nasal collapse. Small asymmetry of nostrils is present but it has nothing to do with collapse. One year should be enough for nose surgery result to be considered stable.
Keep in touch with your surgeon  and be patient. Good luck.

Zoran Potparic, MD
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