Can this process be repaired?

had breast cancer, removed both breast, reconstructed, have no nipples, have some scar tissue where the nipples were, both breast have dips where the nipples were. Can't go without a bra because they dips will show. Can't see the scar tissue, but the dips are ugly. Can this be repaired?

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Breast Reconstruction Revision

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This can be done with fat grafting.  An in person examination is necessary to confirm.  Other options include scar revisions.

Contour issues after breast reconstruction

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It sounds like you would benefit from some fat grafting in the area to correct the depressions.  Follow-up with your surgeon to discuss options for revision, you shouldn't have to live with obvious deformity when you are wearing clothing.  

Kelly Killeen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Skin irregularity

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Thank you for your question. Without a photo it is difficult to know the extent of the deformity.  A "dip" or indentation/ripple over an implant can often be corrected by fat grafting to the area to help fill it out. I would recommend you go back to your plastic surgeon ask about possible options to improve the area of concern.

Dr. Z

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