Can I make the process go faster?

I just got braces, I'm supposed to have them for 2 years, could I get the time shorten to 1? I have to have them off to join the milittmilitary

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Accelerated Orthodontics

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First of all let me thank you for your service and congratulations on joining the military.  Accelerated Orthodontics using the AcceleDent system works by speeding up your orthodontic treatment by 50% faster.  Please discuss that with your provider.

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Accelerated orthodontics

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Are you working with a private practice orthodontist? Some orthodontists are familiar with accelerated treatment options. Based on practice setting there may be limitations to these options. Please discuss this with your orthodontic specialist, but, yes, there are options to accelerate treatment.

Lyle M. Schofield, DDS, MS
Irving Orthodontist

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