Could my pocket being opening up causing uniboob or is this an early sign of capsular construction. (photo)

Am I being paranoid? I'm going to see my doctor asap but would like to have some answers now- I am a 28 y/o bodybuilder and personal trainer. I do chest exercises, I dont go heavy and max out around 50lbs with high reps and very rarely train chest besides secondary movement from other exercises like back and shoulders. Recently, I have felt pain in between my breast by the upper left and there is muscle definition there. Could the pocket be opening, or could I possibly have a knot ? B/A w Lollilift Dec 2013

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Breast pain

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Thanks for your inquiry, you are right to go see your doctor.  An exam is necessary to really comment.  Your weight lifting may contributing to the problem, so hold off till you see your doctor and best of luck.   

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