Is this how permanent crown should look like? (photos)

Today i got my permanent crown on my #5 tooth. I have dark line at gumline( see photo). When i asked assistant about that while she fitted the crown, she said that is gumline look dark. But when i look right now its look like crown edge and very small gap between crown and gum. Is this how crown should be looking on teeth?

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Dark line from new crown

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The picture is a little fuzzy and hard to see for sure what is occurring.  The crown has a metal substructure which can give a dark appearance under it.  Typically the margin is hidden under the gums by prepping the tooth about 0.5 mm underneath.  There are a couple possibilities:1.  Gum recession occurred after the tooth was prepared while the temp crown was in place.  This then exposed the margin. 2.  The tooth was not prepared under the gums.  Crown will have to be cut off and the tooth reprepped for a new crown. 3.  Thin gums tissue- some gum tissue, if it is thin, becomes translucent and will show the dark line from the crown through it.  Going with an all ceramic crown will help solve this issue.  

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